Monday, June 18, 2007

Welcome to my blog: an initial greeting from Sam

Hello everyone:

My name is Sam Cacas, author of "BlAsian Exchanges, a novel". I created this blog to encourage discussion of my first novel which is my first published book. In short, "BlAsian Exchanges" is about a Filipino-American journalist in San Francisco who decides to become a novelist in the midst of career and work frustrations. The tale he writes is a recollection of his attraction for Black women and Black culture in relation to his racial (Asian American) and ethnic (Filipino American) heritage. To stoke his poison pen, journalist Earvin Ilokano - who is married to a Black woman - recruits Black women on the Internet to serve as his muses and consequently make the story more "interactive" and the writing experience a little spicier for the reader not to mention the writer.

What do you think of the above plot?

Also, what or who encouraged you to check out this blog?

Thank you for visting and please return for more interaction and enlightenment.

And have a nice last few days of spring and a great summer.

Take Care,

Sam Cacas
18 June 2007
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


nobhillwriter said...

Why are Black women and Asian men turning increasingly towards each other intimately to the point that Ikea does a commercial featuring a BlAsian couple and Jet Li gets paired with Aliiyah in an action film? I would posit that the demographics explains it. Recent Census reports show that Black women and Asian men are the least likely within their gender demographic to marry within their own group. So they go elsewhere and unlike in the past, the person of the opposite sex they are attracted to is not white. More figures on this in later blogs.

But I'm curious to know what other viewers think of this?


chewy26 said...

I'm excited to read your novel. Sounds like a good read!