Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cruisin' J-Town

Right now, I am enjoying my stay with wifey in the
Miyako hotel in L.A.'s Little Tokyo section. It is such
a plush place: we were surprised that the bathroom
had this state-of-the-art type of toilet - called the
Home Tech HI-3001 - that's right one of those types
that has a "washlet" bidet on it (read: washes your
derriere) that was ballyhooed on "The View"
recently. More hedonistic endeavors have included:
dining and lunching at this so veg-friendly restaurant
called The Shojin yesterday, it is at 333 S.Alameda
three or four blocks from where we're staying and
I believe their web URL is
[more details on the menu and what we ate later]
also so far only one dog sited. We feel fortunate we
found Shojin and also this market called Nijiya a
block away ( which is also veg-friendly.
As I've mentioned, I'm here to be on an interracial
relationships panel at the Mixed Roots Film & Lit
Festival June 12. More updates soon.