Saturday, February 16, 2008

Invitations to speak about BlAsian Exchanges

A few recent invitations is how I'd capsulize my recent marketing efforts for my newbook BlAsian Exchanges, a novel . . .
First the good news: (1) Suzanne Lo, campus librarian at City Collegeof San Francisco, has invited me to do a bookreading and speak on May 6 at the Ocean campus from 11:30 to 2;(2) Jonathan Lorenzo of the Filipino AmericanLibrary in Los Angeles has invited me to do a book reading and speak on April 19
I am still awaiting word from S.F. State University,my undergrad alma mater University of Md. - College Park,Columbia, MIT, NY, GW, Univ. of SF, and Sonoma State.
Please contact me at nobhillwriter@gmail.comif any of you know of organizations and / or academic institutions that would be interested in having me speak about my book and / or aboutinterracial relationships, Black-Asian unity,and Asian American empowerment.
Sam Cacas