Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thanks to the Fremont Writers Club!

Many thanks and kudos to the Fremont Writers Club, especially Bob Garfinkle and Jeannine Vegh for having me as a guest yesterday afternoon! I spoke on the subject of “Finding creativity as a writer when everything seems new” and used the development of my fiction work, “BlAsian Exchanges, a novel” as an example of how I put developed the plot of my story and promoted my book through use of virtual applications like Facebook, Googlemail, Yahoo! discussion groups, blogs, Twitter, MySpace, et al. I also shared my story of why I decided to use fiction to tell the story of my novel as a way of working out my own career frustrations as a writer of nonfiction articles on social issues. The discussion drew a lot of questions and exchanges about the above topics and member shared with me their experiences as I shared mine. This was one of the more receptive groups to my presentation of the book and I am definitely going to join this cool group and hope to present my future books to the group as well. Ciao!