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BlAsian relationships articles in World Journal - Chinese language newspaper
The World Journal is the largest Chinese language newspaper in the U.S.If you go to the above link, you will not only see the BlAsian relationships articles you will also see pictures of persons mentioned in the articles including a picture of my wife and myself. To access all the page the articles are on you need to use the right-hand arrow tool on the bottom right of the link and click to page 3 where the articles are located. Use the magnifying glass to make the page bigger or smaller depending on the size of your computer screen.
Below is an English translation of the articles.
Cacas: Two Races: One common history
By Reporter Ching-Yi Chang
New York: Being the rare Asian man who has married a Black woman, Sam Cacas, who is Filipino,
knows the essential reason why there have not been more Black-Asian marriages:
"each race does not understand much about the common history between Blacks and Asians."
柯卡斯不僅常常在「亞洲人周刊」(Asian Week)發表對亞非戀看法,更於日前發表小說「亞非戀交流,一本小說」中(BlAsian
Exchanges, a Novel)探討亞男非女配議題,目前他更著手撰寫亞非裔交流歷史的非小說。
Cacas not only publishes a regular column in Asian Week sharing his viewpoint about BlAsian (Black-Asian) relationships; he has also published a novel recently— “BlAsian Exchanges, a Novel” —that discusses the issue of relationships between Asian males and African American women. Currently, he is also working on a non-fiction work about Black-Asian common history.
柯 卡斯是在1994年於加州偶遇同樣身為文字工作者的非裔妻子後,才開始對亞非戀進行深入探討,特別少見的是亞男非女組合。
Cacas happened to meet his wife in 1994 in CA, and that event inspired him to think more about BlAsian relationships issues. And 10 years ago, he began writing about Asian male black female relationships.
He realizes that society views such relationships as surprising, because of the movie and TV industries’ portrayal of Asian men as neither sexual nor romantic, and Black women as both sexually promiscuous and gold diggers, so there are few BlAsian relationships in the media. And so most Americans do not see the BlAsian relationship as a reality.
Cacas indicated that both groups’ stereotypes of each other are mostly based on media portrayals which are mostly negative. Members of both races are unaware that Asians and Black confronted racism hand in hand during the 1970s as part of people of color coalitions that protested nationwide academic institutions’ failure to include their respective cultures and histories in their school's curricula.

歐巴馬效應 亞非戀竄紅! The Obama Effect on Black-Asian Relationships!

Ward)在2006年贏得超級盃並獲MVP,讓韓國舉國沸騰;舉世聞名的高爾夫名將老虎伍茲(Tiger Woods)更是亞非戀產物。
By Reporter Tai Yan, Ching-Yi Chang, New York ] The relationship between newly-elected President Barack Obama and Asians is very personally close given that Mark Obama, the President’s younger brother, married a Chinese woman, Liu ZuHua. This BlAsian relationship focus is part of a recent ongoing news focus of many other BlAsians including children of BlAsian relationships including:
- Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers who is Afro-Asian (BlAsian) and ethnically South Korean;
He obtained National Football League MVP in 2006 to the excitement of the whole nation of S. Korea
- Well-known golf star Tiger Woods is also a BlAsian.
Filipino American reporter and writer Sam Cacas, an advocate of the BlAsian relationship community, said that literally all the major social network sites on the Internet – including Facebook, Yahoo!, and YouTube have BlAsians groups and content all of which “have proliferated sharply in recent years,” according to Cacas..
Academic scholars who have studied the social phenomena of interracial marriages theorize that such marriages increase tends to rise relative to population flows of Asian descendants and the more they are not exposed to their country of origin their longing for interracial ties such as BlAsian relationships increases.
日前,馬里蘭大學(University of Maryland)一項研究就發現,美國華裔異族通婚代代增加,在黃白配之外就屬黃黑配最多。 A
few days ago, research at the University of Maryland found that American citizens of Chinese origin have increasingly married interracially with every succeeding generation and after White-Asian marriages, the Blasian marriage is the most common.
Ohio State University Sociology Professor Qian ZhenChao who studies interracial love said,
“whether Chinese descendants fall in love, hard to prove
statistically. 1980、1990到2000年代的實際數字一直在增加,不過占人口總數的比率並未增加,主要是華人移民猛增、造成本族通婚比異族通婚多。
Since 1980, 1990 to 2000, numbers keep increasing, but the rate of
taking the population has not increased, it is mainly that more than
to have mixed marriage that Chinese immigrant increase sharply, causes
intermarry more than interracial marry.”
馬 里蘭大學亞美研究學者品川(Larry
Chinese)族裔。 \
Asian American Studies researcher at university of Maryland researcher Larry Shinagawa said, before the Chinese Exclusion Act, the BlAsian marriage prevailed for a time in Mississippi where Chinese-Black marriages prevailed.
雖然今日華人在本族群有足夠選擇對象,但隨著與非裔接觸層面拓寬,大學、俱樂部、職場和網際網絡等媒介都在在創造人們戀愛機會。 Though
Chinese in this country today have more choices in ethnicity and race today when it comes to whom they fall in love with, moreso than their ancestors, since they are exposed to a broad array of social
clubs, job market and Internet,etc. in their university environment.
品 川分析,受接觸面的影響,華人若與非裔戀愛,對方也多是教育程度、收入和社會地位較高的人 Larry Shinagawa’s analysis indicates that if persons of the a different race fall in love, the majority of such relationships involve persons with a higher education degree, as well as higher income and social status too.
專家普遍認為,名人效應對一個族裔被其他族裔接受度影響很大。 Experts generally think, a famous person's effect is an accepted degree of influence which exerts a tremendous influence on their clan by other clan descendants.
品川說,小時候遭韓裔歧視的沃德,就因一戰成名被整個韓國視為民族英雄;非裔的歐巴馬也促使人了解「非裔也能做了不起的事」。 Larry
Shinagawa says that, ‘as a child Hines Ward was discriminated against and his success has led Koreans overseas to regard him as a national hero once he became famous/ Obama impels people of Afro-American descent to understand that they can do amazing things '.
歐巴馬的多元色彩更已加速使跨族裔交流間看不見的藩籬土崩瓦解。 The plural color of Obama has more already begun accelerating interracial relationships . 與非裔交往的華人金藍妮(Nini
Nini Jin, who has black boyfriend, feels inspired by Obama: ' the world may put the color issue on you, but you can choose your belonging now more openly'.

金恩、劉珍妮 一見鍾情 King and Jenny Lau Fell in Love at First Sight
愛情是真的 終究會在一起 As long as the love is true, we will be together eternally
【記者張經義紐約報導】在1990年即相戀,後來步入禮堂的金恩(Michael King)與劉珍妮(Jenny Mie Lau
By Reporter Ching-Yi Chang
New York – Jennie Mie Lau and Michael King fell in love in 1990, then later stepped into a church and married later. Michael King and Jenny Mie Lau King, are the rare Afro-Asian union in American society which often compares their union with other more common unions.
談起兩人戀情,雙雙都說是「一見鍾情」,金恩笑說:「因為我們的愛情是真的,所以無論我們出身背景為何,我們終究 會在一起。」
Speaking of the love of two people, they both said they loved each other from first sight, King said ' because our love is true, regardless of what our ethnic backgrounds happen to be'.
緣 分的開端很特別,當年金恩湊巧送披薩給劉珍妮的朋友,而她也正巧幫那朋友搬東西,兩人就這麼一見鍾情。
The beginning of romantic fate is very special. King was delivering Pizza to Jenny Lau's friend, and
she happened to be helping that friend to move, and both fell in love from
first sight. 兩人其實都在開放的環境中成長:金恩從小就接觸不少
Both grew up in a diverse environment: King has been exposed to much
interracial loves since childhood, it was at the age of 6 that he was in a BlAsian relationship
for the first time, his martial arts coach's wife is Japanese, they have two beautiful mixed-blood daughters. 劉珍妮則回憶,當她帶金恩回家時,她的父親和爺爺
都很熱切地希望多認識她的非裔男友。 Jenny Lau remembers, when she took King home, her
father and grandfather took the time to know him more.
從交往起,因偶有外界不了解亞非戀給的「不愉快經驗」,這讓想宣揚跨族裔戀情的兩人興起架設網站的念 頭。 From being together, because American society does not understand BlAsian
relationships, they occasionally have met some ignorant people, so this has led them to want to advocate for BlAsian relationships, and they started to design a web site about this.
享故事與照片的網站, 有非裔女性就在網站上分享道,她的亞裔男友「讓她能睜開眼看見一個嶄新的世界,以及無限可能。」
Two people from not knowing web-design much, now they create several
relevant Blasian websites all the way, become Asian-Africa
relationships' websites pioneer, include friend-making websites that
specially designed for Blasians, and let the Blasian lover, married
couple of share the story and photo website on, a black
woman shared on the web and said her Asian boyfriend ' enable her to
open her eyes and see one brand-new world, and imagine limitless possibilities.
King says, each one month his websites attract 2500 visitors,
he even acts as Blasian expert and consults with them. '”My wife and I
hope to act as a catalyst who promotes relationships between two
金恩相信,兩族裔對彼此偏見終將消滅,如推動民權運動的金恩博士所說:「人們終會由其性格而被評斷,而非膚色。」 King believe two
peoples' bias will eliminate at last, as Martin Luther King said '
.people are judged by the content of their character...".

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