Sunday, November 16, 2008

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Alan said...

Mr. Cacas,
Where can I obtain a hardcover copy of your novel, Blasian Exchanges?
Thank you.

Alan Mescallado

nobhillwriter said...


Thank you for your interest in a hardcover edition. I do have a supply
of hardcover editions of BlAsian Exchanges, a novel in reserve. If
you want a copy they cost $24.95 each (21.95 retail price plus 3.00
for postage and padded mailer). Just send a check for the above
amount made out to
Sam Cacas and send it to 1355 Leavenworth Street, #12,
San Francisco, CA 94109.


Sam Cacas
P.S. - I am taking off $2 off
the hardcover regular price of $23.95

Alan said...

Mr. Cacas,
I apologize for this late reply. Thank you for the information. I forgot to tell you that I am from Toronto, ON, Canada. Will the postage rate still apply?
Hope you will apprise me of your next novel.

Alan Mescallado