Friday, April 18, 2008

Please see my latest video at . . .

Many thanks to the Asian American Journalists Association for
producing this video, particularly Eddie Foronda and Annabelle Udo.
I owe you immeasurably.

Viewers, please let me know what you think,



Anonymous said...

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Sandra said...

Hi Sam,
I'm glad you told me this video. (a note: you and your wife make a beautiful couple; your temperament seems the same and both of you have a glow of sincerity and authenticity, which is rare these days.) I like that your wife is understanding and supportive of your work as you as you bring these relationships out of the closet) After seeing the video, I'm left with the question: why are these relationships de-emphasized? I notice more tv ads with Asian women and White men; I can't recall seing any other blasian couples regularly portrayed on tv and print media, and I wonder if this has to do with some political notion that these groups together may be too powerful. I know your book emphasizes the similarity in experiences, but I'm always curious of the underlying reasons the media is resistant to promote that chemistry, especially from a social/political point of view. In fact,media wise, I can't think of black media figures paired together on the news, except for on Spencer Christian's afternoon talk show. Interesting! I know you're on the cutting edge of bringing this out of the closet. I applaud you--and your wife, for having your back. More closets need to be open in this society.

nobhillwriter said...


Thank you for your kudos and support of my work. I'm sorry I did not respond sooner.

Warm Reards,


Sandra said...

No problem Sam: I know you've been busy.